Over 23 years of my organizing experience, generally 90% of the people on the lists I have worked with have sat idle. I consider this low participation a contributing factor in the ecological decline we are now facing.

Good intentions are not enough. I expect people to take initiative and participate in developing the Network. This builds personal, collective, and social trust. This trust is essential for success.

Below, the Categories of Participation are based upon a certain expectation of participation or you are cut from the Network.

Please contact me if you need further clarification.

Ken Pentel

To get more information before getting involved, please check out the >UPCOMING EVENTS< page to attend an informational session near you!



Ground Campaigners: Everyone in the network rallies around the Ground Campaign. The Ground Campaigners are the core of the Network.

The Ground Campaigners are all-purpose. They go town-to-town, door-to-door, face-to-face in the development and honing of the organizing formula in concert with the Advance Team. They do community presentations and identify new members for the Regional Councils.

Options to participate may include: a year-round, summer, and possibly a one-week opportunity to be on the Ground Campaign.

The Ground Campaign exceeds no more than five people.

Advance Team: The Advance Team works out the logistics for the Ground Campaigners. This includes: developing the routes, providing route maps and canvass turf maps, identify campsites, arrange housing, motels/hotels, notify city on our arrival. They are responsible for understanding the canvassing regulations for each city. They will identify events at which the Ground Team should table.

The Advance Team will prepare briefings for the Ground Campaigners, and work closely with the Regional Councils.

The Advance Team exceeds no more than 5 people.

Regional Councils: The Regional Councils are established in the wake of the Ground Campaigners and Advance Team. The Regional Councils are expected to produce ongoing planning and vision, and prepare to plan with the Advance Team and Ground Campaign every 3-4 months.
Regional Councils exceeds no more than 5 people.

Volunteers: Volunteers fill needs of the network, which will include: providing places to stay, food, editing, and other needs as they arise. Volunteers are also expected to initiate activity.

Creatives: These include, but are not limited to, performing artists who develop workshops that strengthen the skills for the Ground Campaigners, Advance Team, and Regional Councils to be more confident in articulating the Network vision. Also, visual artists who will help develop the story boards for the Network.

Conveners: These are folks who pull together a meeting for me to make my case for the Network.

Once a year donors: Once a year donors will be in the Network for a year.

Continuous donors These are donors who fund the Network long-term. Either city-by-city, by mile, or by making monthly donations. (Since June 2008 I have organized in 15 cities, and bicycled approximately 6,000+ miles. )

Trackers: Those who want to keep an eye on the network for a few months, see if they like the network before they plug-in to another category.