Guided by our Mission Statement The Ecology Democracy Network has identified the most important issues and set specific long-term goals that we work to achieve which can serve as milestones by which to judge our progress in accomplishing the change we want to make. Click to read more about each one:
Ecology-Based Economy
Whether the free market system that we use is theoretically sound or not, it is bound to fail us (the human race) if we continue to ignore the true cost of doing business, which must include the cost to our life-sustaining environment.
Proportional Representation
While democracy is a noble and worthy aspiration, the current implementation of it in the United States tends to give no voice to minoritiy parties even when they have valid needs or suggestions. We all contribute to the success of our communities - with proportional representation, more voices will be heard, and we can all benefit from them as well.
Ending Big Money in Minnesota Politics
In 2004, per capita, Minnesota was the most lobbied state in the country. As a result, the average citizen becomes irrelevant and the Earth gets left behind. This unbalanced and counterproductive way of life in politics must be brought to an end.
Publicly Funded Elections
Another problem with our current implementation of democracy in the United States is that the process for being elected relies too much on how much money each candidate has to spend, instead of on their qualifications and ideas. Publicly-funded elections would help to eliminate money as a factor in who wins an election. Candidates with enough initial support from their constituency would only be able to use public funds to run their election campaigns.
Free Airtime
Along with publicly funded elections, free airtime for candidates (with no paid political campaign advertising allowed) would help to even the playing field among all candidates and allow each candidate to broadcast their message and inform the public about the election.